Yes, Brigitte!

Our country is under attack from violent radical Islamists who hate America. I have signed my petition to President Trump and the U.S. Congress calling for an immediate halt to Refugee Resettlement until we can make sure that we are not admitting any potential terrorists.

I'm supporting ACT for America today so that you can continue and accelerate your work protecting our nation.

Who's donating

James Holcomb
Juliann Wolf
James Holcomb
Rosalyn Drowley
Ontavus Thomas
John Hall
Michael Mennino
James Holcomb
Gabino Cuevas
Curtis Childress
James Redmond
robert frazier
Joyce Dickerman
Aurea Sanchez Sanchez
Barbara Parlett
Gail Smith
Caryl Corbett
Grant Klokeid
John Hall
Paul Ross
Michael Dalton
James Redmond
Todd Gold
Michael Burke
Abhishek Dey
Gabino Cuevas
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