Brigitte Birthday

Wish Brigitte a Happy Birthday!

Brigitte_Birthday.jpgThis Friday, October 21st, will be a very special day for ACT for America. Our wonderful Founder and President Brigitte Gabriel will be celebrating her 52nd birthday.

Brigitte is, and has always been, the tip of the spear for our organization. She remains a steadfast warrior, putting her life on the line for Western values and American security, at a time when we need it most. 

We know how honored, and humbled she is to have the love and support of our large grassroots family and accordingly, we want to show her how much she means to us in return.

This in mind, we ask that you consider making a special birthday donation to ACT for America, as a token of heartfelt appreciation for Brigitte, and all she has done for this nation.

 Please consider contributing a very fitting $52 for her 52nd year!

We may never be able to fully repay her for all she has done for us, but we’d sure love to be able to show her your generosity before she blows out her candles this Friday evening.

Please help show your gratitude by contributing $52, $100, $25, $15, or whatever amount you are able.

Who's donating

Susan Frost
Dalia Frieder
Lawrence Ruby
Lawrence Schulz
Bob Parker
Chris Anderson
Geri Heasly
thomas yarduk
Andrew Furry
Jan Westercamp
Dave Lund
Marge Taylor
Tracy Shea
Joseph Friedman
Cynthia Milligan
Elizabeth J Greenrose
Taranza Crutchfield (Mr.)
Paul Walline
Roberto Andrei Do Amaral
Sam Haddad
Jacques Peter
Ben Ghiora
Adrienne Kelly
Gerald Fisher
David B Goedde
Michael Burke
Lisa Philbrook
Walter Schurmann
Cheryl Mcnair
Garry Barkow
Contributions are tax deductible.

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